The patent pending Gecko Plate offers a whole new way of looking at snowboard risers. Here's a look at some of its unique features.
  • Power Pads for Pressure Delivery and Dampening

    Urethane pads deliver power to the edge of the snowboard and distribute pressure along a greater distance. The snowboard flexes in a more natural and predictable manner.

    At the same time, by controlling the density of the Power Pads and the stiffness of the carbon fiber deck, the Gecko Plate absorbs chatter and vibration, offering a less tiring ride. An important factor on a long race day.

  • Asymmetrical Setup

    The Gecko Plate system is composed of four individual plates which are independently placed on your snowboard. The toeside plate can be placed forward of the heel to match your binding angle. This allows for more efficient delivery of pressure from your foot to the edge of the snowboard.

  • Reduced Footprint

    Compared to a conventional binding placed directly onto a snowboard, the Gecko Plate has 60% less surface area that contacts the snowboard. That means the deadspot associated with the binding base plate is eliminated and pressure is concentrated where it matters most - along the edge of the snowboard.